Bay Path University Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Why Bay Path University?

Bay Path University is a small private university in Longmeadow, Massachusetts which offers an array of online programs. The online Master of Science in Cybersecurity program at Bay Path does not require extensive technical background. The program accepts applicants with an undergraduate degree in any subject.  However, it will be helpful for applicants to have some level of experience with computing, particularly in the area of networks. 

Standardized test scores are not required, and there is no required undergraduate minimum GPA to apply.

Program Snapshot

University Name Bay Path University
Location Longmeadow
State Massachusetts Grade B
Name of Degree Master of Science in Cybersecurity
School or Department Administering Program Graduate College
Credits 30
Cost per credit $880.00
Tuition for Entire Program $26,400.00
Test Requirements No
Minimum GPA None
Campus Visit Required? No
Typical Time to Complete 1-2 years
When Can Students Start the Program? February, June, October
Program Concentrations ·   Cyber Defense

·   Digital Forensics

·   Generalist

Synchronous Classes Some
Required Courses ·   Information Systems Security I

·   Information Systems Security Ii

·   Human Factors in Information Security

·   Information Security Policy Development

·   Managing Risk in Information Systems

·   Legal Issues in Information Security

Does the Program Include a Capstone? Yes
Does the Program Include a Practicum or Internship? No
Other Features that Make the Program Unique Innovative curriculum focusing on risk management and crisis management; focus on skills for lifelong learning; member of CyberWatch, consortium of  higher education and employers dedicated to improving the cybersecurity workforce; experiential learning by pairing students with small businesses in the local area for low-cost cybersecurity assessments; 8 week courses; strong student support services 
Program Objectives (quoted directly from the program) Evaluate technological developments and associated risk; Develop holistic governance programs; Assess the impact of human factors; Develop and implement information assurance and security policies; Integrate security into the organizational culture while engaging all organizational stakeholders; Understand legal and regulatory requirements in the United States and internationally; Develop and ensure quality control in information assurance and security management
Program Description This 30-credit program is aimed at professionals wishing to further their job skills. Students choose from among  concentrations. A capstone is required. The program follows an accelerated course schedule, allowing students to graduate faster and reap the benefits of their degree.


What will I Learn?

The curriculum of this cybersecurity program combines technical acumen with strong training in the management and people skills necessary to effectively counter cybersecurity risk. Students learn to evaluate technologies for potential risk, and to develop holistic programs for managing risk. The curriculum emphasizes the process of policy formation and implementation, including human factors that influence the success or failure of cybersecurity management efforts. Students learn to engage with stakeholders and ensure quality control in the information assurance sphere. They leave the program with a strong understanding of their legal and ethical responsibilities both domestically and internationally. 

Students in the program can choose between the following concentrations: Cyber Defense, Digital Forensics, General.  In addition to coursework for each concentration, students are required to complete the following courses: Information Systems Security I and II, Human Factors in Information Security, Information Security Policy Development, Managing Risk in Information Systems and Legal Issues in Information Security. 

Bay Path University is a member of Cyberwatch, a partnership between higher education and potential employers dedicated to improving the cyberdefense workforce. In addition, students gain first-hand experience through BPU’s partnerships with local Massachusetts business, including opportunities for students to perform cybersecurity assessments for small to medium sized enterprises. 

How much will the program cost?

Students finish their degree within 1-2 years and pay $880.00 per credit for a total of 30 credits, or $26,400.00 in total.

How does the program fit into my life?

Students are required to attend some classes “live” online at a set time each week, and some courses offer an asynchronous model, meaning that students complete coursework on their own schedule each week. No campus visit is required. The program emphasizes strong student support services including advising and career services.

Most students complete the program within 1-2 years. Students can enter the program in February, June, or October.


Mid-range in terms of cost, this cybersecurity’s master’s degree from a regional university is aimed at professionals wishing to further their job skills.  Offering an accelerated curriculum, the degree allows students to finish their program more quickly and re-enter the workforce with expanded skills. Applicants may be attracted by the program’s hands-on emphasis and opportunities to partner with businesses and potential employers.

The program requires a capstone and offers three potential concentrations, aimed at students without extensive technical backgrounds but with some computing experience.