Eastern Michigan University Online Master of Arts in Educational Psychology

Why Eastern Michigan University? 

This online Master of Arts in Educational Psychology  offered by this mid-sized public university in Ypsilanti, Michigan recruits applicants. The program emphasizes assessment and solutions for the psychology of teaching and learning. No prior undergraduate coursework is required and there are no test results required. The required GPA is 2.8.

Program Snapshot

University Name Eastern Michigan University
Location Ypsilanti
State Michigan
Niche.com Grade B-
Name of Degree Master of Arts in Educational Psychology
School or Department Administering Program School of Education
Credits 30
Cost per credit $512.00
Tuition for Entire Program $15,360.00
Test Requirements none
Minimum GPA 2.8
Prerequisite Courses and Skills none
Campus Visit Required? no
Typical Time to Complete 20 months
When Can Students Start the Program? multiple times per year
Program Concentrations none
Synchronous classes both
Required Courses
  • Basic Concepts in Educational Psychology
  • Students’ Emotional Wellness in Educational Environments
  • Human Development
  • Principles of Learning in Education
  • Mental Health of Educators
  • Motivation to Learn
  • Principles of Educational Research
  • Introduction to Mixed Methods Research
  • Seminar in Educational Psychology
  • Culminating Project
Does the Program Include a Capstone? Yes
Does the program include a practicum or internship? No
Other Features that Make the Program Unique All courses required
Program Objectives (quoted directly from the program)
  • Develop, advocate and enact a shared mission, vision and core values of high-quality education and academic success
  • Act ethically and according to professional norms
  • Inspire scholarship in urban, global and diverse educational and community settings;
  • Bring theory into real-world practice across multiple educational environments
  • Learn to think critically about educational problems and design basic research to address those problems
  • Strengthen communication skills to become a more compelling and effective writer
  • Gain greater insights into the multiple dimensions of diversity and their potential impact on development and learning
  • Strive for equity of educational opportunity and culturally responsive practices;
  • Foster an inclusive, welcoming culture through a deeper understanding of students’ emotional, cognitive, social and psychological differences
  • Act as agents of continuous improvement
Program Description The program’s 30 credits can be completed within 20 months, and includes a capstone but no required internship. Graduates develop a vision and mission of  professional practice in a variety of educational contexts.  

What will I Learn?

 Educational psychologists work in schools and in higher education, research careers, and as testing professionals and consultants. 

Graduates of this program develop a mission and vision as educational psychologists with strong ethical values acting according to professional norms. The curriculum is designed to inspire globally-minded scholars with critical thinking skills and strong communication aptitude. Graduates will demonstrate insight into the multiple dimensions of diversity and their impact on the learning process, and will become advocates for equal opportunities in education and culturally responsive practices through deep understanding of the cognitive processes of students and instructors. 

Introductory courses include Basic Concepts in Educational Psychology, Students’ Emotional Wellness in Educational Environments and Human Development. Students begin to apply concepts in Principles of Learning in Education, Mental Health of Educators and Motivation to Learn.  Principles of Educational Research, Introduction to Mixed Methods Research and Seminar in Educational Psychology are all required. Students apply concepts in a Culminating Project.

How much will the program cost?

Students finish their degree within 20 months and pay $512.00 per credit for a total of 30 credits, or just over $15,000.00 for the entire degree.

How does the program fit into my life?

This program offers a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. In a synchronous class, students attend class sessions at scheduled times. In an asynchronous class, students complete activities and view class materials on their own schedule.

Students complete the program within 20 months. Students can begin soon after acceptance at one of multiple annual start dates. 


Applicants should be aware that this program does not offer any elective courses; all courses are required. The program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. The required course in Mental Health of Educators is unique. EMU has a particular research emphasis in the area of leadership.