Los Angeles Pacific University Online Master of Arts in Psychology 

Why Los Angeles Pacific University? 

This online Master of Arts in Psychology offered by this small private Christian university in Los Angeles, California. Students are required to have a 3.0 Grade Point average in prior undergraduate work. LAPU does not require students to submit the results of standardized tests. Students need not have completed particular courses as undergraduates.

Program Snapshot

University Name Los Angeles Pacific University
Location Los Angeles
State California
Niche.com Grade none
Name of Degree Master of Arts in Psychology
School or Department Administering Program Graduate School
Credits 36
Cost per credit $630.00
Tuition for Entire Program $22,680.00
Test Requirements none
Minimum GPA 3.0
Prerequisite Courses and Skills none
Campus Visit Required? no
Typical Time to Complete 18 months – 2 years
When Can Students Start the Program? 6 times per year
Program Concentrations
  • General
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
Synchronous classes no
Required Courses
  • Tests and Assessment
  • Social and Cultural Psychology
  • Professional and Ethical Issues
  • Research and Evaluation Methods
  • Literature Review Advanced Topic
  • 6 Concentration Courses
  • Graduate Psychology Culminating Experience
Does the Program Include a Capstone? Yes
Does the program include a practicum or internship? no
Other Features that Make the Program Unique Christian university with limited number of graduate programs; personal success coach; military orientation
Program Objectives (quoted directly from the program)
  • Integrate God’s Word within the profession of psychology
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication
  • Evaluate key personal and professional ethics affecting psychology professionals; Evaluate statistical analysis and data management
  • Examine cultural and diversity issues within the field of psychology
  • Apply theories, skills, and knowledge within the field of psychology
Program Description The program’s 36 credits can be completed within 18 months – 2 years. A capstone is compulsory. Students can specialize in one of three concentration areas: General, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. The program takes a Christian approach to teaching concepts of psychological theory and practice, as well as research methods and statistics.  A practicum is not required.

What will I Learn?

The learning objectives of this program are explicitly Christian, as students are expected to learn to integrate God’s Word within the profession of psychology. Graduates will demonstrate effective communication skills, and develop a sense of professional ethics. They learn to examine cultural and diversity issues within the field and apply theories, skills and knowledge to the problems of psychological assessment and analysis.

The following courses are required: Tests and Assessment, Social and Cultural Psychology, Professional and Ethical Issues, Research and Evaluation Methods, and Literature Review Advanced Topic. Certain courses are then required according to the concentration pathway a student has chosen. All students are required to take Graduate Psychology Culminating Experience.

Students can choose to specialize in one of the following concentrations: General, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Industrial and organizational psychology deals with the psychological problems and solutions inherent in large workplaces. Psychologists working in this field work to assess problems of motivation and management, and to solve them using a variety of specialized interventions. Developmental Psychologists become experts in the growth and development of cognition, emotion, and other processes from infancy to old age. .

How much will the program cost?

Students finish their degree within 18 months – 2 years and pay $630.00 per credit for a total of 36 credits, or just under $22,680.00 for the entire degree.

How does the program fit into my life?

Students in this program work at their own pace to complete online activities. Learning opportunities are presented via online videos, quizzes, interactive exercises, group conversation in online forums, and other tools.

Students complete the program within 18 months – 2 years. Students can enter the program at one of six start dates offered throughout the year. The curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of students.


Some students may be especially attracted by this institution’s Christian emphasis. The university offers a limited number of graduate programs, and therefore does not offer the same range of research opportunities as many other programs. However, students may enjoy a greater degree of personal attention, including being provided with a personal success coach who will support them throughout the program. The university also offers special support for military families. In terms of cost-to-degree, the program is a reasonable option.