New Jersey Institute of Technology Online Master of Business Administration

Why New Jersey Institute of Technology?

An online Master of Business Administration degree program is offered by this mid-sized public research university in Newark, New Jersey. This program, which is administered by NJIT’s Tuchman School of Management, has no prerequisites for applicants. Most applicants must have standardized exam scores (GMAT or GRE). Certain applicants, however, may be able to have this criteria removed due to prior academic accomplishment and/or professional experience. Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, with a GPA of at least 3.0 recommended.

Program Snapshot

University Name New Jersey Institute of Technology
Location Newark
State NJ Grade B+
Name of Degree Master of Business Administration
School or Department Administering Program Martin Tuchman School of Management
Credits 48
Cost per credit 1112
Tuition for Entire Program $53,376.00
Test Requirements Waivers available
Minimum GPA 3.0 preferred
Prerequisite Courses and Skills none
Campus Visit Required? no
Typical Time to Complete 2 years
When Can Students Start the Program? September, January
Program Concentrations
  • Management Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT Sales and Analytics
Synchronous classes both
Required Courses 
  • Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Corporate Finance I
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in a Digital World
  • Information Systems Principles
  • Decision Analysis
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management or Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • 3 elective courses
  • 4 concentration courses
Does the Program Include a Capstone? no
Does the program include a practicum or internship? no
Other Features that Make the Program Unique emphasis on competitive advantage, strategic alignment, knowledge-based innovation, managing change and uncertainty, managing in real time, and managing hyper-competition; distinctive concentration in IT Sales and Analytics; Focus on technology throughout
Program Description Students can specialize within 4 concentration areas: Management Information Systems; Finance; Marketing; IT Sales and Analytics, within a curriculum that emphasizes technological acumen application of business theory and practice to technological innovation. Offering a wide-ranging curriculum requiring 48 credits, but no capstone or internship, this program usually takes two years to complete.


What will I Learn?

The NJIT online MBA curriculum emphasizes the development of a strategic and competitive mindset across all courses. The core suite of classes includes Management Accounting, Managerial Economics and Corporate Finance I. Students interact with their peers to discuss foundational approaches to management problems in Organizational Behavior, Legal and Ethical Issues in a Digital World and Decision Analysis. They gain the technical skills necessary to success in Information Systems Principles and  Global Marketing Management. To round off their core suite, students choose between Strategic Management or Entrepreneurial Strategy.

Students can choose to specialize in one of the following concentrations: Management Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, and IT Sales and Analytics. The NJIT curriculum is more flexible than some others, allowing students to take three electives of their choice in addition to four courses in the chosen concentration. Some students may choose to design their own concentration by choosing four linked elective courses from the large number available.

How much will the program cost?

Students finish their degree within 2 years and pay $$ 1112 per credit for a total of 48 credits, or just over $53,000 for the entire degree.

How does the program fit into my life?

The NJIT online MBA is designed to be completed part-time by working students. The majority of students take two years to complete the degree. Start dates are offered in September or January each year.
Courses can be taught synchronously, which means that students attend online classes at the same time as their instructor and classmates. Students may be required to attend an online class at a specified time, while other classes may be taught asynchronously, in which case they are free to perform online exercises whenever it is convenient for them rather than being required to do so at a specific time.
There is possibility that online resources will include video lectures, group discussions, practice exercises, and other types of activities.  There is no reason to go to the university’s campus.


With a technological focus throughout the curriculum, this mid-priced online MBA program will be especially attractive to students interested in the unique concentration in IT Sales and Analytics. The program also stands out for the flexibility of its curriculum. Students reap benefits from proximity to the New York City business world while paying a lower cost-to-degree than NYC-based universities.