Southern New Hampshire University Online Master of Science in Data Analytics, New Hampshire

Why Southern New Hampshire University?

The online Master of Science in Data Analytics offered by Southern New Hampshire University offers an efficient, low-cost, practical preparation for data science careers that is aimed at working adults. Southern New Hampshire University is a large private university located near Manchester, New Hampshire. It has more than 87,000 online students, and its online programs are growing and expanding rapidly.

Accessibility for non-traditional students is a key educational goal of SNHU, and therefore standardized test scores are not required for admission for the Master of Science in Data Analytics Program. The required GPA of 2.75 is also lower than in many programs.  No particular undergraduate background is required, but students who do not have the necessary quantitative skills may be required to take bridge courses before enrolling in the degree program.

Program Snapshot

University Name Southern New Hampshire University
Location Manchester
State New Hampshire Grade B-
Name of Degree Master of Science in Data Analytics
School or Department Administering Program Business
Credits 30
Cost per credit $627
Tuition for Entire Program $18,810
Test Requirements None required
Minimum GPA 2.75
Prerequisite Courses and Skills None
Campus Visit Required? No
Typical Time to Complete 15 months
When Can Students Start the Program? June, September, November, February
Program Concentrations None
Synchronous Classes No
Required Courses
  • Foundations of Data
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Decision Methods and Modeling
  • Presentation and Visualization of Data
  • Optimization and Risk Assessment
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Capstone in Data Analytics
  • Project Management
Does the Program Include a Capstone? Yes
Does the Program Include a Practicum or Internship? Yes
Other Features that Make the Program Unique
  • Two non-credit foundations courses
  • Low tuition cost
  • University aimed at non-traditional students
  • Fast time to degree
Program Objectives (quoted directly from the program)
  • Develop skills in Python, SQL, R and Tableau
  • Learn to identify and apply data solutions
  • Build a professional portfolio of work
Program Description This 30 credit program teaches students the skills, techniques, and approaches to identify and apply data solutions in a variety of organizations. Students build a professional portfolio of work as they develop skills in Python, SQL, R, and Tableau. 

What will I Learn?

Students in the SNHU program develop skills in Python, SQL, R, and Tableau. They use these skills to identify and apply data solutions across a variety of real-world contexts and organizations. The aim throughout the program is to enable students to build a professional portfolio of work that will enable them to be competitive in the growing job market for individuals with data analytics and data science skills.

All students in the program must complete the same courses, and there are no elective options.  Students begin with a course in the Foundations of Data, covering essentials of data collection, cleanup, and management. They then investigate the problems of data management within organizations in a course on Enterprise Data Management. Further techniques for identifying and modeling difficult decisions across business functions are covered in required courses on Predictive Analytics and Decision Methods and Modeling.

These skills are expanded and deepened in a required course on Optimization and Risk Assessment as well as in Advanced Data Analytics. Students also gain marketable project management skills in a required course on that subject. They learn to explore and communicate about data using visual methods in the Presentation and Visualization of Data. Students then have an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned through a final capstone project exploring a data-intensive problem.

How much will the program cost?

Students finish their degree within 15 months and pay $627 per credit for a total of 30 credits, or just under $19,000.

How does the program fit into my life?

All courses are asynchronous, meaning that instructors create learning materials such as lectures, activities, quizzes, assignments, and group discussions in weekly modules, and students are responsible for completing the module on their own schedule within the given week.  The program can be completed 100% online, and no campus visits are required.  The program can be completed in 15 months. Students can begin the program in June, September, November, or February.


The SNHU program offers several features that will be attractive to applicants. Tuition fees are low in comparison to other programs. SNHU is focused on educating working adults and other non-traditional students, so applicants can expect that staff and instructors will be familiar with the challenges of balancing work, family, and academic obligations. Students can also complete the degree on a faster timeline than many other programs.

As well, students who have less academic preparation may find the degree more welcoming, particularly since SNHU offers two non-credit foundation courses in order to prepare students prior to enrolling in the degree. However, applicants who have more academic preparation and are seeking a highly rigorous, research-focused program will likely want to look elsewhere.