Valparaiso University Online Master of Business Administration

Why Valparaiso University? 

Valparaiso University’s School of Business is seeking applicants for an online program leading to the degree of Master of Business Administration. The university is located in Northern Indiana, between Chicago and Detroit.

Prerequisite coursework in accounting, finance, mathematics, business, and economics should be completed before applying. “Valpo” offers these prerequisites for those who apply without them. Applicants are required to provide GMAT or GRE scores. There is no needed GPA to apply, but your academic potential and past achievements will be taken into account if you are accepted.

Program Snapshot

University Name Valparaiso University
Location Valparaiso
State Indiana Grade A
Name of Degree Master of Business Administration
School or Department Administering Program School of Business
Credits 36
Cost per credit $833.00
Tuition for Entire Program $29,988.00
Test Requirements GRE or GMAt
Minimum GPA none
Prerequisite Courses and Skills The MBA is an accelerated advanced business management degree and requires the following prerequisite courses or the equivalents: ACC 205, ACC 206, FIN 304, MATH 124, BUS 205, ECON 221, and ECON 222.
Campus Visit Required? none
Typical Time to Complete 1-2 years
When Can Students Start the Program? 6 starts per year
Program Concentrations
  • Business Intelligence
  • Engineering Management
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • General Business
  • Management
Synchronous classes no
Required Courses
  • Accounting Information for Decision Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Global Trade: Governance, Digitalization, and Sustainability
  • Leadership in a Global Environment
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management and Consumer Experience
  • Quantitative Methods in Management
  • Strategic Thinking and Action
Does the Program Include a Capstone? no
Does the program include a practicum or internship? no
Other Features that Make the Program Unique core modules (600-level courses) of the Certificate in Business Decision-Making and Leading the Global Enterprise form the common base of the program; each core course has a global emphasis, rooted in ethical business practice, and is focused on applied business decision-making; students can take both online and in-person courses are not required to commit to one teaching modality
Program Objectives (quoted directly from the program) Domain 2: Communication and Team Building
Program Description For this degree, you’ll need to complete 36 units of study. A concluding project or course is not required. Internships and practicums are not mandated in any way. The average time to graduate from the program is one to two years.6 concentration areas are offered: Business Intelligence, Engineering Management, Finance, Healthcare Management, General Business, or Management.  


What will I Learn?

Emphasizing on communication skills and team-building, the core courses in the Valpo Online MBA have a unique structure. They are global in perspective, foreground ethical business decisions, and allow students to practice applied business problem-solving throughout. 

The core courses offer a balance between technical skills and management approaches rooted in psychology, communication and social science. Technical skills are covered in Accounting Information for Decision Analysis, Managerial Economics, Financial Analysis, and Quantitative Methods in Consumer Experience. Management approaches are discussed in Leadership in a Global Environment, Marketing Management and Consumer Experience, and Strategic Thinking and Action. Global context are discussed further in Global Trade: Governance, Digitalization, and Sustainability.

Areas of specialization are as follows: business intelligence, engineering management, finance, healthcare management, general business, or management.

How much will the program cost?

The price per credit is $833.00, and there are a total of 36 credits need to graduate. Whole tuition for the degree comes to just under $30,000. The average time it takes a student to graduate is one to two years.

How does the program fit into my life?

There are no required on-campus visits for students at any stage in the curriculum. As part of an asynchronous learning framework, they can finish assignments whenever it is most convenient for them. No regular meeting hours for classes are set in advance. In any given year, you can begin the program at one of six different periods.

Typically, students take between one and two years to finish the curriculum. Some students opt to speed through the curriculum by devoting themselves entirely to their studies. They can also opt to go through the program at a slower speed, giving them more time to focus on their paid work.


If readers are considering applying to the Valparaiso MBA, they should investigate the university’s certificates in Business Decision-Making and Leading the Global Enterprise. Courses in these certificates can be transferred to fulfill requirements of the MBA program. They therefore represent an opportunity to test the waters of this university before committing to the entire degree.

Applicants may also be attracted to Valparaiso due to the flexibility of its program, which allows students to switch from online to in-person learning as needed. This flexibility can be very useful if life plans change midway through the program.