Clemson University Online Master of Business Administration

Why Clemson University? 

Clemson University recruits applicants for its online Master of Business Administration degree program. The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business at this big public research institution in Clemson, South Carolina, oversees the operation of the curriculum.

Equipped with at least two years of work experience, applicants will be assessed on a holistic basis. They can choose whether they wish to submit standardized test scores to support their application materials. No minimum GPA or specific undergraduate degree is required. 

Program Snapshot

University Name Clemson University
Location Clemson
State SC Grade A
Name of Degree Master of Business Administration
School or Department Administering Program Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business
Credits 50
Cost per credit $1,264.00
Tuition for Entire Program $63,200.00
Test Requirements optional
Minimum GPA none
Prerequisite Courses and Skills 2+ years of work experience
Campus Visit Required? none
Typical Time to Complete 2.5 years
When Can Students Start the Program? Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Concentrations none
Synchronous classes some
Required Courses
  • Statistical Analysis Of Business Operations
  • Introduction To Accounting
  • Introduction To Finance 
  • Marketing Foundation 
  • Law In The Business Environment
  • Decision Modeling
  • Operations Management 
  • Financial Management 
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Communication 
  • Managerial Accounting 
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Management Information System
  • Managerial Economic 
  • Strategic Management 
  • MBA Seminar Managing Your Career 
  • Ethics And Leadership
  • 3 Elective Courses
Does the Program Include a Capstone? no
Does the program include a practicum or internship? no
Other Features that Make the Program Unique Synchronous classes that can be viewed later as recordings; range of electives offered online;  Individual Career Coaching; Professional Development Seminars; Alumni Connections and Mentorship; Networking Forum; Employer Spotlights  Job Search Work Team; study abroad opportunities; up to 14 credits may be waived based on prior business coursework
Program Description This degree requires 50 credits of coursework. Students do not complete a capstone course or other culminating experience. There are no formal requirements for an internship or practicum. Most students complete the program within 2.5 years. Students do not specialize in a concentration subject area and instead pursue a generalist curriculum.


What will I Learn?

Students begin the program by studying foundational topics in courses such as Statistical Analysis of Business Operations, Introduction to Accounting and Introduction to Finance. They then delve more deeply into key topics in Marketing Foundation, Law In The Business Environment, Decision Modeling and Operations Management.

The everyday role of the manager is covered in Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Communication, and Managerial Accounting. Students gain specialized skills in Advanced Marketing, Management Information Systems, Managerial Economics and Strategic Management.

The ins and outs of career development are covered in MBA Seminar Managing Your Career, while hot topics are debated in Ethics and Leadership.

No concentrations are offered, and students pursue individual interests through three elective courses. 

How much will the program cost?

The program costs $1,264.00 per credit, and 50 credits are required. The total cost of the degree is just over $63,000.00 for the entire degree. Most students take 2.5 years to finish their studies.

Students may waive up to 14 required credits based on prior business coursework.

How does the program fit into my life?

With three starts per year, in Fall, Spring, and Summer, this program allows you to begin your studies at your convenience. Students are not required to visit campus unless they desire. Some classes meet at predetermined times (otherwise known as synchronous scheduling). However, most courses are taught according to the asynchronous model, in which students complete activities on their own schedule each week.  If students are not able to attend synchronous class meetings, they are also able to view recorded classes on their own schedule.

Students complete the program within 2.5 years. The degree pathway is designed to be completed on a part-time schedule. Most participants are employed full-time while they complete coursework.


This highly-regarded program offers a mix of flexible asynchronous classwork, high-touch synchronous class meetings, and the opportunity to view recorded class materials on your own schedule. The program boasts a required professional development seminar, accompanied by intensive career coaching, mentorship and alumni networking. Applicants may also wish to investigate available study abroad opportunities.