Carnegie Mellon University Online Master of Business Administration

Why Carnegie Mellon University? 

Carnegie Mellon University recruits applicants for its online Master of Business Administration degree program. This large private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania administers the program through the Tepper School of Business.

A college-level calculus course, or demonstration of equivalent knowledge, is a prerequisite for enrollment. Applicants should submit GRE or GMAT results, although they may be eligible for a waiver in some cases. The program does not require any specific undergraduate degree, or a specific minimum undergraduate GPA. 

Program Snapshot

University Name Carnegie Mellon University
Location Pittsburgh
State Pennsylvania Grade A+
Name of Degree Master of Business Administration
School or Department Administering Program Tepper School of Business
Credits 48
Cost per credit $3,033.00
Tuition for Entire Program $145,584.00
Test Requirements waivers available
Minimum GPA none
Prerequisite Courses and Skills college calculus
Campus Visit Required? yes (several)
Typical Time to Complete 3 years
When Can Students Start the Program? multiple starts per year
Program Concentrations none
Synchronous classes both
Required Courses
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Managing People and Teams
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Statistical Decision Making
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Optimization
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting II
  • Managing Networks and Organization
  • Management Presentations
  • Finance
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Global Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Capstone 1
  • Capstone 2
Does the Program Include a Capstone? yes
Does the program include a practicum or internship? no
Other Features that Make the Program Unique Each core course linked to an in-person or online Academic Access weekend; opportunity to participate in closeknit communities and build networks; optional Experiential Access weekends on campus involving activities such as CMU Case Competitions, Hackathons, and other programming; possible to get exemption from core classes via exams and replace core classes with additional electives; access to Accelerate Leadership Center which offers workshops, a leadership certificate, and leadership coaching 
Program Description In order to synthesize and broaden the skills they’ve acquired throughout the degree, students take two culminating courses. Students acquire practical experience through mandatory weekend academic immersions and other optional in-person learning activities, although an internship or practicum is not needed. The typical time to graduate is three years. There is no required major, but there is a wide variety of courses from which students can choose. You need to earn 48 credits to graduate.


What will I Learn?

In addition to the required core courses described below, the CMU online MBA requires students to attend compulsory Academic Access Weekends, offered in-person at the CMU campus or online. These weekends help students build connections and kickstart their learning. In addition, students are highly encouraged to attend Experiential Access Weekends on the CMU campus in their second and third year of study.

The core courses kick off with Probability and Statistics, Managing People and Teams and Managerial Economics. In addition, students take Financial and Managerial Accounting I and II, Statistical Decision Making, and Corporate Strategy. They learn hands-on skills in Optimization, Managing Networks and Organization and Management Presentations.

Other required courses are Finance, Ethics and Leadership, Global Economics, Operations Management, and Marketing Management.

All students take two Capstone courses. The remainder of required credits are earned by choosing from an extensive list of electives.

Students who have experience or knowledge of core subjects can take an exam to qualify for a course exemption, and then replace the core course with an additional elective.

How much will the program cost?

The program costs $3,033.00 per credit, and 48 credits are required. The total cost of the degree is just under $145,584.00 for the entire degree. Most students take 3 years to finish their studies.

How does the program fit into my life?

This program has various entry opportunities throughout the year for students to join. The average student takes 2 years to finish the program. This course may be done in your spare time. The vast majority of students also hold down full-time jobs.

Courses for this program are online during most of the semester, but each core course includes one compulsory immersion weekend which can be completed in person on campus or online. Students are also highly encouraged to attend on-campus in person optional experiences. Therefore those choosing this program will have to account for travel and time away from work and family life to a greater extent than those attending many other programs.

All courses in this program are taught synchronously, meaning that the class meets online at a scheduled time each week.


With extensive opportunities for course-based and extracurricular intensive hands-on experiences, and a high price tag to go alongside, the Carnegie Mellon online MBA will be attractive to the ambitious applicant who is confident they can regain their investment as a result of MBA studies at this level. The program boasts a close-knit community of students, instructors and alumni, accompanied by a wide range of core and elective courses taught by renowned professors. Whether applicants are interested in hackathons, case competitions, networking events, leadership coaching, conferences, or other experiences, CMU offers all these and more.