Pepperdine University Online Master of Business Administration

Why Pepperdine University? 

Pepperdine University recruits applicants for its online Master of Business Administration degree program. This large public research university in Malibu, California administers the program through its Graziado College of Business.

There is no needed GPA to apply, but your academic potential and past achievements will be taken into account if you are accepted. All candidates should have at least two years of relevant work experience. The admissions committee does not expect applicants to submit scores from any standardized tests.

Program Snapshot

University Name Pepperdine University
Location Malibu
State California Grade A
Name of Degree Master of Business Administration
School or Department Administering Program Graziado College of Business
Credits 52
Cost per credit $1,995.00
Tuition for Entire Program $103,740.00
Test Requirements none
Minimum GPA none
Prerequisite Courses and Skills 2 or more years of experience
Campus Visit Required? yes
Typical Time to Complete as few as 24 months
When Can Students Start the Program? Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Concentrations
  • General
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Digital Innovation and Information Systems
  • Leadership and Managing Organizational Change
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business
Synchronous classes yes
Required Courses
  • Accounting Information and Control Systems
  • Behavior in Organizations
  • Quantitative Analysis for Business Operations
  • Prices, Profit, and the Market Economy
  • Financial Management of the Firm
  • Information and Process Systems
  • Political, Regulatory, Ethical, and Legal Issues of Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Integration in Business Operations
  • Strategic Management
Does the Program Include a Capstone? no
Does the program include a practicum or internship? yes
Other Features that Make the Program Unique Education to Business program partners with brands and corporations to build applied learning opportunities; team-based work, opportunities to connect with classmates outside of class; immersive workshop in Malibu required (ethics, leadership, community building), interactive modules, case studies, focus on business and tech throughout curriculum, 13:1 student-faculty ratio; mentorship opportunities, optional week-long global intensive
Program Objectives (quoted directly from the program) Our curriculum combines education in strategy, technology, and values-driven leadership to empower you to drive meaningful change—not just at work, but in the world, too.
Program Description This intensive program allows students to complete 52 credits, a required consulting experience, and a required immersive workshop in as few as 24 months. The curriculum emphasizes business and technology, strategic thinking, and problem-solving through applied challenges. Substantial co-curricular activities are offered. Students can choose from eight concentration areas: General, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Digital Innovation and Information Systems, Leadership and Managing Organizational Change, Entrepreneurship, and Global Business. 


What will I Learn?

Students at Pepperdine University are given the tools they need to effect positive change in the workplace and the globe via a curriculum that emphasizes strategy, technology, and values-driven leadership.

A cornerstone of the Pepperdine curriculum is the required Education to Business consulting practicum, which allows students to present innovative ideas to corporate representatives in response to various problems and challenges. Students also practice real-world skills and build community during the required intensive workshop on the Pepperdine campus. An optional Global Business travel-based course is also offered.

The core curriculum introduces students to key concepts in courses such as Accounting Information and Control Systems, Behavior in Organizations, and Quantitative Analysis for Business Operations. Students apply quantitative and technical know-how in Prices, Profit, and the Market Economy, Financial Management of the Firm and Information and Process Systems. They discuss controversial topics in Political, Regulatory, Ethical, and Legal Issues of Business, while they solve additional business problems in Marketing Management and  Integration in Business Operations. They apply their skill further in Strategic Management. 

Students can choose to specialize in one of the following concentrations: General, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Digital Innovation and Information Systems, Leadership and Managing Organizational Change, Entrepreneurship, and Global Business.

How much will the program cost?

The program costs $1,995.00 per credit, and 52 credits are required. The total cost of the degree is just under $104,000.00 for the entire degree. Most students take as few as 24 months to finish their studies. Additional costs may be incurred for the Global Business experience.

How does the program fit into my life?

All classes require weekly synchronous class meetings, conducted through videoconferencing at a scheduled time. The program also requires at least one on-campus visit. With three starts per year, in Fall, Spring, and Summer, this program allows you to begin your studies at your convenience.

Students complete the program within as few as 24 months.


With access to the business communities of Los Angeles and Southern California, as well as connections to global brands and a prestigious community of graduates, the Pepperdine online MBA offers a high-cost, high-value option for motivated students. Applicants will be particularly attracted to generous opportunities for networking, co-curricular learning, and applied problem-solving, highlighted by the Education to Business program. With a student-faculty ratio of 13 to 1, Pepperdine’s online MBA boasts strong career mentorship, and academic flexibility to help you meet your lofty career goals.